FENOSOL® DUOTEC Type 1: is a cleaner with a slight dissolving effect and at the same time a bonding agent that optimizes the general adhesion of adhesives / sealants, especially diffusion-adhesives, to white PVC hard. The product was specifically designed for the adhesion of self-adhesive plastic additional profiles and cover strips. Due to its dissolving effect, FENOSOL® DUOTEC Type 1 removes release agents, production residues and general soiling and improves the wetting of various adhesives by increasing the surface area.


Application areas

FENOSOL® DUOTEC Type 1 is used:

• While solvent welding

• For PVC panel bonding

• General preparation of adhesion 

• The installation of self-adhesive additional profiles and cover strips in plastic window and door construction.


Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200053FENOSOL® DUOTEC Type 1200 ml Can

20 Cans in a box


Safety Data Sheet