FENOPLAST® Mixing nozzles



FENOPLAST® Mixing nozzles ensure a homogeneous mixing of 2-component adhesive. In addition, they facilitate the application and ensure a clean and precise execution of works.

Application areas

FENOPLAST® Mixing nozzles support processing of 2-componentreaction adhesives. The Mixing nozzles are specifically designed for application of FENOPUR® DUETT, FENOPUR® DUETT quick 20, EPOXAL® DUETT, FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack, FENOBOND® DUETT and FENOBOND® Methacrylat. 

Item No.ItemPU
200161FENOPLAST® Static Mixer 30 pieces in a box
200161-01FENOPLAST® Static Mixer500 pieces in a box
200159FENOPLAST® Quadro Mixer30 pieces in a box
400162FENOPLAST® Mixer for Methacrylat 25/50ml 12 pieces in a box




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