FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer


FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer – 1-component sealant and adhesive based on MS-Polymer basis.

Special characteristics:
• High-quality 1-component sealant and adhesive
• Wide range of applications: Adhesive and sealing properties for indoor and outdoor use in construction and industry
• Hardens by absorbing humidity
• Permanently elastic
• Good weather and ageing resistance
• Can be coated with emulsion paints
• No contamination of the edge
• Free from isocyanate, solvents, silicone and PVC
• grindable after hardening
• Hardens neutrally and is odorless
• Can be used wet in wet
• Non-corrosive to metals

Application areas
FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer is used in various construction and industrial sectors:
• High-quality glazing sealant, especially for burglar-resistant glazing systems
• Joint sealant for connecting joints, seams, gaps, cracks and unevenness (not suitable for expansion joints) in construction and industry
• Waterproof assembly and construction adhesive for bonding of many construction materials such as glass, glazed surfaces, enamel, anodised aluminium, painted wood and various plastics
• Sealing and bonding in shipbuilding
• Container and automotive construction
• General metal processing
• Ceramics, artificial stone and natural stone processing
• Concrete and building material processing
• Wood processing
• Insulation and composite panel technology

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
180100FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer, white430 g PE-cartridge12 pieces in a box
180101FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer, grey430 g PE-cartridge12 pieces in a box
180102FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer, black430 g PE-cartridge12 pieces in a box
180103FENOBOND® 1-K-Polymer, transparent300 g PE-cartridge12 pieces in a box


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