FENOSOL® Door Lock Care Agent


FENOSOL® Door Lock Care Agent - fast creeping, non-greasy spray for locks and locking cylinders

FENOSOL® Door Lock Care Agent offers a variety of special features and reliably extends the service life of moving, mechanical elements. It provides protection and maintenance of door cylinders and locks and prevents corrosion.

The extended special nozzle provides easy access to locks and cylinders and guarantees that the spray acts where it should.

In addition, the spray is free of PCB, fluorine (CFC / CFC), chlorine, lead and other pollutants.


Application areas

• Prevents icing of locks, especially in exterior doors and car doors

• Corrosion protection from salt, water, moisture

• Universally applicable for all locks and lock cylinders

Item No.ItemPackaging PU
200809FENOSOL® Door Lock Care Agent50 ml sprayer20 sprayer in a box


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