FENOFLEX MONTAGESPRAY is a special maintenance agent for lubrication and insulation (pulling aid) of glazing and sealing profiles during the assembly. The spray protects from moisture, water and environmental influences effectively and without sticking.

By applying the spray, the seals remain supple and therefore non-porous.

Special characteristics:

•    Lubricant, releasing agent, insulation spray and maintenance spray all in one 
•    Allows mineral-oil-free lubrication for jobs where oil and grease are not suitable (silicone spray)
•    Without solvents – contains only top quality silicone oil and gas
•    Lubricates without stains even in contact with textiles
•    Prevents corroding, rust and oxidation
•    Protects against moisture, water and dust
•    Cannot resinify
•    Compatible with almost any material
•    Stable to sea water, steam, sulphur dioxide, dilute acid and lye


Application areas 
FENOFLEX MONTAGESPRAY lubricates rubber, plastic, wood, leather, metal, glass, textile, etc. The spray is  particular suitable for the maintenance of seals on windows and doors and is used as pulling aid during the production of windows and doors. 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200206FENOFLEX MONTAGESPRAY400 ml sprayer12 sprayer in a box
Safety Data Sheet


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