FENOSOL® AL-ELP - Cleaning agent and mounting aid for aluminium surfaces.

FENOSOL® AL-ELP is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to cleaning of aluminium surfaces. Equipped with a special ELP formula it cleans anodised, painted and powder-coated surfaces quickly and thoroughly. In doing so, it protects the material-specific surfaces and has a strong degreasing effect.
FENOSOL® AL-ELP was particularly developed for the removal of non-dried adhesive. It is especially suitable for general cleaning and removal of marking aids as well as elimination of rubber traces, PUR foam (fresh), bitumen and silicone sealant (fresh), elimination of lime and mortar residues resulting from construction work.

Application areas
FENOSOL® AL-ELP is used during the production and assembly of aluminium windows, doors, roller shutters and balustrades. The cleaning agent is also used in many metal-processing industries for the general final cleaning of contamination resulting from processing as well as for degreasing.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200024FENOSOL® AL-ELP 1000 ml can10 cans in a box
200025FENOSOL® AL-ELP10 l canister1 canister
200026FENOSOL® AL-ELP30 l canister1 canister



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