FENOSOL® Plunger Can


FENOSOL® Plunger Can serves for economical moistening of towels or rags with solvent cleaners.
Pushing down on the pump assembly of the FENOSOL® Plunger Can fills the upper pan with liquid. Cleaning cloths or sponges can now be moistened slightly, the surplus liquid drains back into the reservoir.
FENOSOL® Plunger Can ensures safe and easy working with solvent cleaners:
• Less odor development due to the economical moistening
• The flame trap in the pan prevents the invasion of flames into the reservoir

Application area

• For safe and economical moistening of rags and cleaning paper with solvent-based cleaners
• Especially suitable if only small amounts of cleaner are needed
• The reservoir (D.G.M.a.) corresponds with the regulations of supervisory authorities
• Not suitable for water-based cleaners (risk of corrosion)

Item No.ItemPU
200941FENOSOL® Plunger Can1 piece in a box


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