FENOPLAST® Pneumatic Dosing Unit


FENOPLAST® Pneumatic Dosing Unit with a safety collar for dosing 2-component adhesives such as: FENOPUR® DUETT, FENOPUR® DUETT quick 20, EPOXAL® DUETT, FENOBOND® DUETT, FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack. The dosing unit ensures a homogeneous and constant mixing ration of 2-component adhesives and helps develop their full adhesive power and being applied safely.

Special characteristics:

• Pneumatic
• Mixing ration 1:1
• Precise dosing of the adhesive mixture possible
• Adjustable pressure during the application process (regulation from 1 to 6 bar possible)
• Due to a specifically designed exhaust system at the back of the dosing unit the subsequent material flow is at a minimum
• A forward-directed quick exhaust protects the user from excess compressed air 
• The special tracer bar shows the amount of product left in the cartridge
• Due to the placement of the handle right under the cylinder the dosing unit is well-balanced
• While changing the cartridge, the pushbutton enables a quick return of the cartridge pistons


Item No. Item PU
200923 FENOPLAST® Pneumatic Dosing Unit TS488X for twin-cartridges 600 ml with safety package 1 piece in a box
200927 FENOPLAST® Pneumatic Dosing Unit S-Typ for twin-cartridges 380 ml  1 piece in a box
200923-SCHUTZ Safety package for TS488X consisting of a safety collar and safety glasses 1 piece in a box



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