FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner


FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner – Special, water-based cleaner for white PVC hard surfaces.

IFO (Institut für Oberflächentechnik GmbH) tested in accordance with the GRM on white plastic profils. 

FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner has been specifically designed for intense cleaning of white PVC hard surfaces. The cleaner removes general domestic pollution, industrial and car exhaust as well as oil heating residues and pollen residues quickly, thoroughly and reliably. Due to its antistatic effect, the cleaned surfaces remain stain-resistant for a long time.

Application areas
FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner is suitable for white
• Plastic window profiles
• Plastic doors
• Plastic blinds
• Plastic furniture
• Plastic fences

For foil-coated surfaces please use our product FENOSOL® PVC Coloured Cleaner.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
147801FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner 500 ml bottle20 bottles per box
200700FENOSOL® Intensive Cleaner 100 ml bottle20 bottles per box


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