FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray


FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray – Special maintenance agent for fittings of windows, doors, gates and garages.


FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray contains special additives which ensure easy movement of fittings and reduce wear of the parts. The spray does not run off, therefore it loosens stuck mechanisms safely and quickly. In addition, it has an anti-corrosive effect, it does not resinify and is resistant to seawater. With all of the special features it ensures functionality and longevity of fittings.


Application areas

FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray is specifically designed for the maintenance of fittings on windows, doors and gates. It can also be used on mechanisms where permanent internal and external lubrication is necessary.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200803FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray100 ml sprayer12 sprayer in a box
200804FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray500 ml sprayer12 sprayer in a box
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