FENOBOND® Methacrylat

FENOBOND® Methacrylat is a high-viscosity, 2-component, methacrylate-based adhesive for bonding of thermoformable plastics, metals and composite parts.

Special characteristics:
• Mixing ration 1:1, thixotropic
• Excellent tensile shear strength
• Doesn’t run off
• Cures at room temperature
• Resistant to gasoline, oil, mild acids and alkalis
• Resistant to weather and humidity

Application areas

FENOBOND® Methacrylat is used for bonding of:
Natural stone, PVC and vinyl products, ABS, Bonding of bronze, Acrylic products (PMMA), Polyester, Concrete, Styrene resins, Vinyl ester, PC mixtures, PBT mixtures, PPO mixtures, Epoxides, Wood, Gelcoat, Steel, coal, Aluminum*, LMR, Fiberglass, Phenoline, PET mixtures, Epoxy coated materials, Polyurethane, Stainless steel*, Polycarbonate, galvanized steel    
(*Please check if pre-treatment of the surface is necessary)

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200197FENOBOND® Methacrylat 50 g twin-cartridge12 pieces including 12 mixing-nozzles a box


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