FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Cleaner


FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Cleaner – For cleaning and protecting of stainless steel surfaces. 


FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Cleaner is a high-quality product for cleaning stainless steel surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

The cleaner removes fingerprints, lubrication-films and contaminations of all kinds quickly and effortlessly without damaging the surface. The cleaning of large surfaces is done absolutely free of streaks.

In addition, selected protective components form a care film, which has a water and dirt repellent effect and thus ensures long-lasting radiant shine.


Application areas

FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Cleaner cleans and polishes stainless steel surfaces such as:

extractor hoods, sinks, tap fittings, refrigerators, large kitchen appliances, letterboxes, stainless steel handles and brackets, handrails and banisters, elevators, vehicle parts, machine parts, facades etc.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200802FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Cleaner400 ml sprayer12 sprayer in a box


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