FENOBOND® Haftprimer



FENOBOND® Haftprimer is a high-quality, solvent-free primer for various materials. It acts as a primer and adhesion promoter with various sealants on absorbent and non-absorbent materials as well as facades.

Special characteristics:
• Suitable for difficult materials
• Can be used on moist and cold surfaces/materials
• Ready to use
• Extremely self-sticky
• Suitable for roller systems
• Colourless as soon as dry
• Free of solvent
• Alkali resistant
• Non-groundwater pollution
• No hazardous vapours

Application areas
FENOBOND® Haftprimer has been specially developed for applications on concrete, aerated concrete, masonry, gypsum, plaster, clinker as well as wood-based materials, plasterboard and metallic surfaces.
It is particularly suitable as primer for sealing of substrates such as perforated brick, solid brick, hollow block, solid brick, solid block, metallurgical stone, limestone, concrete brick, aerated concrete blocks, concrete shuttering stone, mixed masonry.
In addition, FENOBOND® Haftprimer is preferred for waterproofing basement exterior walls and foundations.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
600831FENOBOND® Haftprimer1000 g PE bottle12 pieces in a box
600835FENOBOND® Haftprimer4 kg PE canister1 piece
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