FENOSOL® Like NEW - The Kit for keeping up the optic and functionality of your windows and doors


FENOSOL® Like NEW Care Kit series was specifically designed for maintaining the value of windows, doors, roller shutters and facades, so that they stay reliable as they were at the beginning.

FENOSOL® Cleaners clean the surfaces quickly and thoroughly without affection or scratching them. Maintenance of fittings and hinges is taken care of by FENOSOL® Fittings-Oil. The oil sustains the required gliding properties of the moving parts, thus ensuring their smooth running and long-lasting functionality.


FENOSOL® Like NEW Care Kit is available in three versions: PVC-Hard-White, PVC-Colored and Aluminum surfaces.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200755, 200756, 200757FENOSOL® Like NEW Care Kit 

2 x FENOSOL® Cleaner (depending on the surface) – 500 ml

1 x FENOSOL® Fittings-Oil – 20 ml

1 x Cleaning Cloth

Care Instructions


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