FENOPUR® SPEED 1M - Extremely fast PU-based 2-component adhesive for plastics, metals and wood.

Special characteristics:

• Bonds different materials in a very short period of time

• Further processing after approx. 30 minutes possible

• Extremely high strengths

• Solvent-free

• Can be painted (when cured)

• Resistant to many media

• Resistant to weathering and aging

• Thixotropic, doesn’t drip off

• The mixing ration is controlled automatically due to the mixing nozzle


Application areas 

FENOPUR® SPEED 1M ensures permanent bonding of plastics, metals and wood. 

Is used for structural or cosmetic repair of:

• Broken plastics elements (thermoplastics and thermosets)

• Bumpers

• Bucket seats

• Spoilers

• Lamp-housing

• Fenders

• Roof racks

• Construction of windows and doors

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
400200FENOPUR® SPEED 1M50 g Twin-Cartridge12 Pieces in a box