EPOXAL® DUETT – 2-Component-Epoxy-Adhesive

EPOXAL® DUETT is a 2-Component high-performance adhesive specifically designed for bonding of corner connectors during the construction of aluminum windows and doors. The adhesive acts plasto-elastic and reversible if its exposed to heat, therefore it ensures that he miter joint is sealed, despite the fact that the materials have got different heat expansion coefficients.

EPOXAL® DUETT was tested by ift Rosenheim, testreport No. 14-002301-PR01: "Determination of tensile shear strength of aluminum corner connectors in new condition and after aging"


Special characteristics:

• After hardening plasto-elastic

• High tensile and shear strength

• UV- and weather-resistant, no yellowing in the miter area

• Rasistant to humidity, anticorrosive

• Very good viscosity

• Stable, does not drop or run off in the corner angles 

• Low odor

• Very good temperature resistance, suitable for stove-enamel finishes

• Can be coloured

• Can be over-coated

• Free of isocyanate


Application areas

EPOXAL® DUETT is used in various industrial areas:

• Construction of windows, doors and facades 

• Construction of containers and vehicles

• Processing of ceramics, artificial stone and natural stone

• Processing of metals

• Processing of concrete and building materials

• Construction of ventilation and air conditioning

• Construction of composite panels

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200190EPOXAL® DUETT 510 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box
200191EPOXAL® DUETT 790 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box