FENOPLAST® KF-351 - PVC-Adhesive 

FENOPLAST® KF-351 is particularly suitable for constructional bonding of PVC-hard parts of all kinds, in particular weather-boarding, additional profiles and -stripes, as well as shutter parts and pipes.

FENOPLAST® KF-351 doesn’t contain tetrahydrofuran (THF), which is presumed to cause cancer and thus has a lower health risk.

The adhesive contains a special SORBEX® 9 system which makes it weather- and UV-resistant. Combined with an excellent temperature resistance, it is indispensable when bonding PVC-hard.

Since FENOPLAST® KF-351 is thixotropic, it doesn’t run and drip off, thus enabling work on vertical workpieces.

Application areas

FENOPLAST® KF-351 is used for constructional bonding of PVC-hard materials such as  weather-boarding, additional profiles and -stripes, shutter parts, roof gutters or pipes. The adhesive is also suitable for bonding of ABS, ASA and PVC-parts of all types.

Not suitable for bonding of PMMA and acrylic surfaces.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
217791FENOPLAST® KF - 351180 g Tube50 Tubes in a box
217791-20FENOPLAST® KF - 35120 g Tube200 Tubes in a box
217791-50FENOPLAST® KF - 35150 g Tube200 Tubes in a box
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