FENOFLEX Bending-Agent


FENOFLEX Bending-Agent – Special liquid for reshaping of thermoplastics. 

With FENOFLEX Bending-Agent become reshaping of thermoplastics an easy to do task. In addition, the reshaping happens without any formation of stress cracks on the re-formed materials. The special liquid is biodegradable and comes with an integrated oxidation protection system, the SORBEX®-System. Furthermore, the Bending-Agent can be mixed with water in any ratio, thereby simplifying and accelerating the cleaning process after re-forming.


Application areas 

FENOFLEX Bending-Agent is mainly used during the production of window and door profiles made of PVC-hard.

Reshapes PVC-hard, film laminated PVC and PMMA coextruded.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200200FENOFLEX Bending-Agent 35 kg PE-Pot1 Pot
200201FENOFLEX Bending-Agent265 kg Barrel1 Barrel
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