FENOFLEX Gasket-Care


FENOFLEX Gasket-Care – A special care-product for gaskets of windows and doors

Our windows and doors are made of different parts. We want them to permanently keep out the cold and noises of the outdoors. In order for them to do so it is necessary to maintain all the parts they are made off. For the maintenance of the gaskets of windows and doors we designed FENOFLEX Gasket-Care. It obtains the softness and prevents gaskets from sticking on the profile in summer as well as freezing on the profile in winter.


Application areas

FENOFLEX Gasket-Care has been specifically designed for maintenance and care of gaskets of windows and doors. 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200207FENOFLEX Gasket-Care20 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200205FENOFLEX Gasket-Care100 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200208FENOFLEX Gasket-Care1000 ml Bottle15 Bottles in a box


Safety Data Sheet