FENOSOL® S 10 UVA – PVC special cleaner, cleaning agent with a very low-solving effect for PVC white.

FENOSOL® S 10 UVA removes quickly and thoroughly general surface contamination, marking aids, rubber traces, adhesive residues, PUR foam (fresh), bitumen, as well as silicone dyes (fresh).

The cleaner is equipped with a special UVA system. This provides special protection, which prevents fast soiling of the surfaces and ensures weather and UV protection. Furthermore, the cleaner is convinces with its antistatic effect.


Application areas

Removes soiling on the glare frames, drainpipes, weatherstocks, cover and flat strips that arise during the construction and installation of PVC windows.

Furthermore the cleaner ist excellently suitable for the preparation of the surfaces befor bonding due to its solving effect.

In addition, FENOSOL® S 10 UVA is used in various industrial areas for the cleaning of PVC hard-white surfaces.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200016FENOSOL® S 10 UVA1000 ml Can10 Cans in a box
200017FENOSOL® S 10 UVA10 l Canister1 Canister
200018FENOSOL® S 10 UVA30 l Canister1 Canister
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