FENOSOL® Wood-Windows Care Kit


FENOSOL® Wood-Windows Care Kit – Beauty-Care for wooden windows


Wooden windows provide a special atmosphere and contribute to your comfort at home.  In order for them to be doing so for a long period of time, they need support. For preserving their beauty and functionality we developed a special Care Kit, FENOSOL® Wood Windows Care Kit.

The kit contains different cleaners and maintenance products: FENOSOL® Wood Cleaner is used for cleaning of window frames. It has been specifically developed for wood surfaces and cleans these thoroughly and gently without damaging them. The special FENOSOL® Wood Balm contributes to the maintenance of wooden frames. It has a water-repellent effect, which alleviates the influence of weather and ensures longevity. The FENOSOL® Fittings-Oil is for the maintenance of fittings and hinges. The oil sustains the required gliding properties of the moving parts, thus ensuring their smooth running and long-lasting functionality.

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200795FENOSOL® Wood-Windows Care kit

1 x FENOSOL® Wood Cleaner – 100 ml

1 x FENOSOL® Wood Balm - 100 ml

1 x FENOSOL® Fittings-Oil - 20 ml

1 x Cleaning Cloth

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