FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Care Kit


FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Care Kit -  The kit for intensive cleaning, care and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces


Stainless steel surfaces have a chic, high-quality look and are commonly used for kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances and much more. In order to maintain that look, you need proper cleaning and care products.

The FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Care Kit offers just that. The set contains a cleaner specifically designed for stainless steel surfaces: the FENOSOL® E-MI-L Stainless Steel-Cleaner Wirth rust remover. It cleans gently but thoroughly without affecting or scratching the sensitive surfaces. The FENOSOL® E-ST-S Stainless Steel Care Agent provides long-lasting, radiant shine. This duo ensures longevity of your stainless steel surfaces.

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200835FENOSOL® Stainless Steel Care Kit

1 x FENOSOL® E-MI-L Stainless Steel Cleaner – 100 ml

1 x FENOSOL® E-ST-S Stainless Steel Care Agent – 50 ml

2 x Cleaning Cloth

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