FENOSOL® Care Kit PVC-Colored


FENOSOL® Care Kit PVC-Colored- The kit for intensive cleaning, care and preservation of windows, doors and roller shutters made of colored PVC.


FENOSOL® Care-Kit PVC-Colored contains specifically designed products for cleaning and maintenance of all components of colored PVC windows and doors.

The FENOSOL® PVC-Colored Cleaner cleans window and door frames quickly and thoroughly. The cleaner removes general household pollution, pollution from industrial gases or car exhaust gases, pollution caused through oil heating as well as pollen without affecting or scratching the sensitive surface. Maintenance of the gaskets is taken care of by the FENOFLEX Gasket-Care. It keeps the gaskets soft and ensures their longevity. FENOSOL® Fittings-Oil is used for the maintenance of fittings and hinges. The oil sustains the required gliding properties of the moving parts, thus ensuring their smooth running and long-lasting functionality.


FENOSOL® Care Kit PVC-Colored is available in two versions: MAXI and MINI

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200751FENOSOL® Care Kit PVC-Colored MAXI

1 x FENOSOL® PVC-Colored Clenaer 500 ml

1 x FENOFLEX Gasket-Care 100 ml

1 x FENOSOL® Fittings-Spray 100 ml

1 x Cleaning Cloth

Care Instructions


10 KIts
N200781FENOSOL® Care Kit PVC-Colored MINI

1 x FENOSOL® PVC-Colored Cleaner 100 ml

1 x FENOFLEX Gasket-Care 50 ml

1 x FENOSOL® Fittingsoil 20 ml

1 x Cleaning Cloth

Care Instructions


50 Kits