FENOSOL® E-ST-S Care-Agent – For shining stainless steel surfaces


Stainless steel surfaces give a chic, high-quality flair to a home. In order to maintain this flair, you need the right cleaning and care products. FENOSOL® E-ST-S offers just that: It cleans gently without damaging stainless steel, brass and chrome surfaces. In addition, it maintains and protects against tarnishing and does not form an oily film on the surfaces. General household pollution, fingerprints, grease, oil and lime pollution are quickly and thoroughly removed and thus have no more chance.


Application areas

FENOSOL® E - ST - S - Cleans and maintains mat and polished stainless steel surfaces as well as brass and chrome surfaces.

Cooker hoods, sinks, faucets, refrigerators, large kitchen appliances, letterboxes, handles and brackets, stairs and handrails, elevators and more obtain a new, long lasting shine.

The Care-Agent is also suitable for cleaning of vehicle parts, machine parts and façades. It eliminates all grease and oil traces.


Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200748FENOSOL® E-ST-S1000 ml Bottle15 Bpttles in a box
200747FENOSOL® E-ST-S500 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200749FENOSOL® E-ST-S20 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box
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