FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner



FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner - Special cleaning- and care-agent for aluminum surfaces.

FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner is a water-based cleaner, with fat-dissolving surfactants and preservative additives. It was specifically designed for intensive but gentle cleaning and care of aluminum surfaces. Markers, gum traces, rust spots, lime and mortar residues, as well as general household contamination are quickly and thoroughly removed. 


Application areas

FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner for aluminum:

• Windows

• Doors

• Shutters

• Parapets

In natural, anodized powder-coated and lacquered versions.

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200720FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner100 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200030FENOSOL® Aluminum Carecleaner500 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box