FENOSOL® Acrylic-Glass-Cleaner


FENOSOL® Acrylic-Glass-Cleaner – Special Cleaner for acrylic glasses, PVC- and acrylic-mixed-polymer-glasses. 

FENOSOL® Acrylic-Glass-Cleaner is specifically designed for gentle cleaning of acrylic glasses, PVC- and acrylic-mixed-polymer-glasses. 

Special characteristics:

• Cleans gently 

• Maintains the surfaces

• Does not produce stress-corrosion-cracking

• Due to its antistatic effect, the surfaces remain clean for a longer periode of time


Application areas

FENOSOL® Acrylic-Glass-Cleaner is used for cleaning of: 

- Acrylic-glass surfaces of caravans, motorhomes and boats

- PVC- and acrylic-mixed-polymer-glasses



Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200031-3FENOSOL® Acryl-Glass-Cleaner250 ml Bottle12 Bottles in a box
200031-4FENOSOL® Acryl-Glass-Cleaner750 ml Bottle20 Bottles in a box