FENOBOND® Methacrylat


FENOBOND® Methacrylat is a high-viscosity, 2-component, methacrylate-based adhesive for bonding of thermoformable plastics, metals and composite parts. 

Special characteristics:

• Mixing ration 1:1, thixotropic

• Excellent tensile shear strength

• Doesn’t run off 

• Cures at room temperature

• Resistant to gasoline, oil, mild acids and alkalis

• Resistant to weather and humidity 

Application areas 

FENOBOND® Methacrylat is used for bonding of:

PVC and vinyl products, ABS, Bonding of bronze, Acrylic products (PMMA), Polyester, Concrete, Styrene resins, Vinyl ester, PC mixtures, PBT mixtures, PPO mixtures, Epoxides, Wood, etc.    

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200197FENOBOND® Methacrylat 50 g Twin-Cartridge12 Pieces including 12 mixing-nozzles a box