FENOPUR® DUETT is a 2-component reaction-adhesive based on polyurethane for bonding metals amongst themselves and with other materials, such as wood, PVC hard and GRP.

The adhesive is especially suitable for bonding of corner connectors during the construction of aluminium windows and doors, as well as containers and vehicles. FENOPUR® DUETT should be your adhesive of choice if you are producing composite elements with PS, PUR and PVC hard. Due to the fact that the adhesive is free from solvents, it is suitable for bonding coated and anodized aluminum surfaces.

In addition, FENOPUR® DUETT has got a tough adhesive joint and an outstanding weather resistance, which makes it ideal for use in a lot of different industrial fields. 

FENOPUR® DUETT has been tested by ift-Rosenheim, test report no. 14-002301-PR01: "Determination of the tensile strength of aluminum corner connectors when new and after aging" 


Special characteristics:

• High tensile and shear strength

• Wide adhesion spectrum 

• Fast curing

• Good filling characteristics

• Stable

• Can be coloured

• Can be over-coated


Application areas

FENOPUR® DUETT is used in various industrial fields: 

• Construction of windows, doors and facades 

• Construction of containers and vehicles

• Processing of ceramics, artificial stone and natural stone

• Processing of metals

• Processing of concrete and building materials

• Construction of ventilation and air conditioning

• Construction of composite panels

• Processing of wood 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200160FENOPUR® DUETT525 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box
200162FENOPUR® DUETT825 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box
200156FENOPUR® DUETT, grey525 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box
200162-10FENOPUR® DUETT, grey825 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces per box
200163FENOPUR® DUETT, white525 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces per box
200162-30FENOPUR® DUETT, white825 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces per box
200164FENOPUR® DUETT, black525 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces per box
200162-20FENOPUR® DUETT, black825 g Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces per box