FENOPUR® 124 - Fast 1-comonent-PUR-assembly adhesive for metals, wood, plastic and cement-bonded materials.


Special characteristics:

• Wide adhesion spectrum 

• Fast curing

• Very quick full hardening

• Easy handling

• Thixotropic, doesn’t run and drip off

• Solvent-free

• Elastic adhesive joint

• Gap filling

• Can be sanded (when cured) 

• Can be painted (when cured)

• Crosslinks under the influence of moisture

• Foams slightly

• For universal use suitable 


Application areas

FENOPUR® 124 shows excellent adhesion to various metals, duroplasts and thermoplastics, wood and construction materials, as well as ceramics with appropriate pre-treatment of the surfaces.

Obtains (at bonding wood/wood) the strain group D4 according to EN 204 as well as WATT 91 ~9,8 N/mm². 

FENOPUR® 124 is used for nearly all current constructional bonding applications in handcraft as well as industrial field:

• Laminate bonding

• Metal window door construction 

• Bonding of wood

• Construction of vehicles 

• Construction of containers

• Fixing signs

• Baseboards

• Staircase steps

• General repair and assembly bonding

• Pergolas/Carports

• Different applications in handcraft and industry

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200861FENOPUR® 124 470 g / 310 ml PE-Cartridge20 Cartridges in a box
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