FENOPLAST® CA 5 Instant Glue – super-fast, 1-component, solvent-free adhesive 

Thanks to its wide adhesive spectrum the glue is suitable for boning of a lot of different materials amongst themselves and with each other. In a very short period of time, it achieves high-strength connections and accelerates further processing of the workpieces. Because of its good resistance to weathering (Heat and cold weather), it is particularly suitable for bonding of elements which are subject to fluctuating weather conditions. Moreover, the glue is free of solvents. 

The PE-Bottle with a drip-opening ensures safe and precise application.


Application areas

• Bonding of APTK/EPDM-Gaskets in windows and facades 

• Bonding of profile cords of all-rubber or sponge rubber as well as synthetic elastomer such as NBR, CR,  NR, SBR, etc.

• Bonding of metals with each other and other materials

• Bonding of mineral substrates such as stone, granite, etc

• Not suitable for porous or absorbent surfaces

Item No.ItemViscosityPackagingPU
200092FENOPLAST® CA 5 low20 g Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200091FENOPLAST® CA 5 low50 g Bottle10 Bottles in a box


low500 g Bottle5 Bottles in a box
200110FENOPLAST® CA 5 VL medium20 g Bottle20 Bottles in a box
200111FENOPLAST® CA 5 VL medium50 g Bottle10 Bottles in a box
200113FENOPLAST® CA 5 VL medium500 g Bottle20 Bottles in a box