FENOBOND® Gehrungsdichtstoff


FENOBOND® Gehrungsdichtstoff - fast, 1-component sealant for mitre cuts during the construction of windows, doors, vehicles, containers etc.


Special characteristics:

• Good adhesion on a lot of materials (zinc, aluminum, steel), paints and groundings

• Good stability 

• Elastic

• Good weather resistance

• Temperature resistance from -40 °C to 90 °C (for a short period of time up to 120 °C)

• Free of silicone

• Colourable with FENOPLAST® Color-Pigmentpaste 


Application areas 

FENOBOND® Gehrungsdichtstoff is used for sealing of miter cuts during the:

• Construction of windows and doors

• Construction of containers

• Construction of vehicles 

• Construction of vehicle bodies

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
600990FENOBOND® Gehrungsdichtstoff 310 g /310 ml PE-Cartridge12 Pieces in a box
600999FENOBOND® Gehrungsdichtstoff200 g / 200 ml Air-Cartridge12 Pieces in a box