FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack


FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack – Universal adhesive

FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack is a 2-component adhesive based on a hybrid polymer, with great adhesion properties on a variety of substrates, such as glass, metal, wood, various plastics and painted materials. After curing the adhesive remains permanently elastic and resistant to aging. FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack is classified as non-toxic and therefore perfectly suitable for use in processing of ventilation and air conditioning.

FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack has been tested by ift Rosenheim, test report No. 14-002301-PR01: "Determination of the tensile strength of aluminum corner angles when new and after aging"


Special characteristics:

• Great adhesive strength and a wide adhesion spectrum

• Free of solvents, isocyanate and silicone

• Good adhesion without primer on of substrates

• Fast curing and functional strength 

• Permanently elastic and reversible

• Paintable wet in wet 

• Non-corrosive

• Neutral cross-linked, despite of humidity and temperature 

• Very good uv- and weather resistance

• Resistant against seawater

• Nearly odourless


Application areas

FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack is used in various handcraft as well as industrial fields:

• Construction of ventilation and air conditioning

• Construction of windows, doors and facades 

• Construction of containers and vehicles

• Processing of metals in general

• Processing of ceramics, artificial stone and natural stone

• Processing of concrete and building materials

• Processing of wood 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
202000FENOBOND® 2-K High Tack510 g / 380 ml Twin-Cartridge6 Pieces in a box