FENOPLAST® AL 2-K is a 2-component adhesive specifically designed for bonding of aluminium among each other and aluminium with other materials.

The adhesive is characterized by its easy handling and outstanding resistance against humidity and weathering. It ensures fast and reliable connections and can be used in a lot of different industrial areas.


Application areas

FENOPLAST® AL 2-K is used in various industrial areas: 

• Construction of windows, doors and facades

• Construction of containers and vehicles

• Processing of ceramics, artificial stone and natural stone

• Processing of metals

• Processing of concrete and building materials

• Construction of ventilation and air conditioning

• Construction of composite panels

• Processing of wood 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
138828FENOPLAST® AL 2-K Comp.A1500 g Cartridge10 Pieces in a box
138829FENOPLAST® AL 2-K Comp.B1500 g Cartridge10 Pieces in a box