FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive

FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive – CR-based adhesive, which contains solvents and is free of toluene. The 1-component adhesive was designed for bonding of different materials such as leather, fleece, felt, textiles, veneer, metals, wood, etc.    


Special characteristics:

• High initial strength

• Relatively long open time

• Can be processed without addition of hardener

• Easy to process with a brush, roller or a toothed spatula

• Tough-elastic adhesive-film

• 1-component adhesive

• Free of toluene


Application areas

FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive is perfectly suitable for bonding of leather, fleece, felt, textiles, veneer, metals, wood, absorbent surfaces, rubber, PUR-foams, insulation materials and plastics.

Not suitable for bonding of Styropor®-Foam and PVC-soft.

FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive is used in a variety of industrial fields such as: processing of leather, processing of rubber, construction of cushion furniture, etc. 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
600811FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive615 g / 750 ml Can6 Cans in a box
600814FENOBOND® Contact-Adhesive820 g / 1000 ml Can6 Cans in a box