FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger


FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger is used to activate cyanoacrylate adhesives.

The curing/hardening of the adhesive is significantly accelerated by FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger and the bonding can be done quickly. Due to the packaging type of the accelerator the adhesion process occurs safe and further processing of the working pieces can continue quickly after bonding.


Application areas 

FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger is used by difficult environmental conditions, e.g. dry air, cold weather, thick adhesive layer or when bonding inactive materials with each other (it does not replace a primer). 

Item No.ItemPackagingPU
200089FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger100 ml Pump-Spray20 Pieces in a box
200086FENOPLAST® CA-Beschleuniger150 ml Spray (compressed gas)12 Pieces in a box