FENOSOL® Sparanfeuchter


FENOSOL® Sparanfeuchter was made for economical moistening of cleaning cloths with solvent cleaners.

By pressing on the watering dish, the pumping mechanism of the device transports liquid which is in the container to the watering dish. Cleaning cloths or sponges can now be moistened slightly, the liquid not removed/used flows back into the container.

FENOSOL® Sparanfeuchter ensures safe and easy working with solvent cleaners:

• Less odor of used cleaners due to the economical amount of cleaner in the watering dish

• The flame trap in the watering dish prevents flames from leaking into the container


Application areas 

• For safe and economical moistening of cleaning paper or cleaning cloths with solvent-based cleaners

• Especially suitable if only small amounts of cleaner are needed

• The Container (D.G.M.a.) is corresponding with the regulations of supervisory authorities

• Not suitable for water-based cleaners (risk of corrosion)

Item No.ItemPU
200941FENOSOL® Sparanfeuchter1 Piece in a box