FENOSOL® fitting spray

The fitting spray with the most many-sided application possibilities

With the product FENOSOL ® fitting spray, FENOPLAST introduces a use-optimised product. The versatility of this compressed gas spray is impressive.

By spraying the movable parts, becomes a light marketability and wear decrease, achieved with very modern additives (molybdenum complex additive).

As ranges of application can be called:

  • Servicing and care of fittings and mechanics at windows, doors, gates and garages
  • Lasting inside lubrication and outside lubrication with the most many-sided application possibilities

Sales arguments, for the use of the product fitting spray FENOSOL are:

  • verharzt not
  • corrosion-protecting
  • resistant to sea water
  • solves sticking mechanics
  • wear-diminishing by strong Anhaftung
  • does not run off

Course comparison:

  • FENOSOL Fitting spray does not run off. (see left part of the course comparison)
  • Customary comparative product considerably runs off. (see right part of the course comparison)
  • NEW! 500ml fitting spray now with additional head and long nozzle - hides recumbent areas can be reached therefore without problems.
  • 100ml fitting spray - the ideal size for end users - efficiently and at a reasonable price.

And do not forget!
The fitting sprays can be also provided with your logo and your presentation! With it you have a proven product under your company label. Their company name reaches a higher name recognition and you reach a customer connection by repeat orders.

Already from an order amount from 504 pieces we can present to you interesting offers!

You can provide a pattern requirement and prize inquiry here on-line. This offer is booked for manufacturers, traders and commercial manufacturers.

Should we have woken up your interest - you appeal to us!
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